Fire Prevention System Prince George Stove Guard


ERP: 0139179

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Product information

Product Prince George Stove Guard includes an Intelligent Heat Sensor, that is attached above the cooker and a Control Unit that cuts off the cooker power supply. It reacts to cooktop fire risk indicators earlier than any other cooker safety device, helping to dramatically reduce the number of accidental house fires caused by Cooking Appliances.

Easy – to – Use and Reliable
With its Self-Adjusting Technology, Prince George Stove Guard is easy to us. It automatically adjusts its heat parameters to the user’s cooking habits, ensuring no false alarms are triggered. Due to the device’s automatic fault diagnosis, no monthly testing is required. It can be installed independently or in parallel with any Automatic Home Kitchen Fire Suppression


• Learning maximum temperature alarm-identifies dangerously high temperatures
• Learning temperature rate of increase alarm – a steeply rising temperature is an indication of a developing fire hazard
• Adjusts sensitivity based on user’s cooking styles
• Heat Sensor dislocation alarm – prevents range use if the sensor has been removed from its location
• Automatic fault diagnosis – tests the functioning of the system
• Compatible with single-phase electric ranges


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