Receive VDS Certification for Suppression System THESEUS® FK-5-1-12

We are extremely pleased to inform you that our company has obtained a VDS Certificate for Theseus® FK-5-1-12 Fire Suppression System!

This certification, which owned by very few companies worldwide, is yet another international recognition for MOBIAK, and yet another proof of the excellent reliability of our systems!

Key Benefits of VDS Certified “THESEUS” ® System:

• Choice for cylinder size (14.5L to 150L)
• Working pressure 25 or 42 bar
• Fast discharge within 10sec – effective suppression!
• No residue- Non-conductive electrically
• Safe for humans within the NOAEL limitation
• Environmentally friendly (Zero ozone depletion potential [ODP 0], Low global warming potential [GWP 1])
• Provide hydraulic calculations
• Immediate delivery & support times (bottling in Greece, retention of high stock, agent and spare parts)
• Extremely competitive prices

MOBIAK is on a continuous growth path, making yet another major investment, which places it among the world’s elite.

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